Adding, editing, and deleting Rooms in Reschedge

Room scheduling is an integral part of Interview design. With Reschedge, you can seamlessly book Rooms or other Resources for your Interviews, based on the Resource’s availability. Rooms work the same way that Interviewers work with some important differences.

To access your list of Rooms, click on the Rooms tab in your top navigation bar. 

Adding a Room

To add a Room, simply click on the +Add interview rooms button. A lightbox will open with a two-stage process. 

On the first stage, you will be requested to add the Rooms’ associated email addresses. If you want to add multiple email addresses, separate them with commas, semicolon or spaces. 

When you click Next, Reschedge will attempt to access the calendars of the email addresses you entered and will let you know whether it was successful or not. If one or more of the Rooms could not be found, you will be notified with the following message:

You can either click Back to edit the list, or Cancel to go back to your Rooms list. 

If one or more of the Rooms were found, you can press Next to enter the Rooms’ details.

In the second stage, you will see the Rooms that were found, and you will be able to change their name and choose whether they will be used by default.


If during your interview design you neither select a Room nor remove a location, Reschedge will look through your available Rooms that have been set to Use by default: yes. Rooms set to: no will be ignored unless specifically chosen by name or by Tag.
Once you have your list of Rooms set up, you can make changes to them in several ways.

Editing or deleting Rooms


If you have many Rooms and you want to narrow it down to some specific Rooms, use the Search field located just below the +Add interview rooms button. You can narrow your search by Room name or by Tags.

Edit name, Tags, and use by default settings in-place

The easiest way to edit a Room is to click anywhere on the row that contains their name and any tags you have assigned to them. When you do this, their name, Tags and use by default settings become editable.

Existing tags will have an x on the right edge that will remove that Tag if you press it. 


To apply a Tag, type the tag in the + add tag textbox. When you start typing, any existing Tags that were created on the account will appear to choose from. Otherwise, you can just enter your own title. When you’re done – hit the Enter key.
You can make any changes you like to this list in line on the page, but make sure to click Save Changes when you are done, or press cancel to revert all changes.
Remember: Tags are case-sensitive and don’t alert for typos. For example, the Tags: Room; room; rooms; are all different Tags, and if applied to different Rooms they won’t be associated with the same group.

Edit or remove in bulk

You can also edit your Rooms in bulk by using the checkboxes to the left of each Room’s name. Once you have selected at least one Room in this way, the Edit Selected menu is activated. 

You can choose to Remove selected Rooms from the list, or Edit them. 

In bulk edit mode, you can add a common Tag for all the selected Rooms, or you can remove the Tags that already exist. Reschedge shows you how many of the selected Rooms have a specific Tag. This can be useful for consolidating Tags and for adding new categories.

You can also change whether the selected Rooms will be used as default or not.

Once you’re done, click on the blue Save button to save your changes.

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