Reschedge: List view

The home page of your Reschedge account is the Schedule tab in the top navigation bar. This is the place where you can view and manage your past, future, and pending Interviews, or schedule new Interviews.

You can either view all Interviews that appear in each view, or filter your results, by entering relevant Filters in the Filter interviews textbox.

You can view your Interviews in three modes: List view, Calendar view, and Pending interviews view.

The first tab in the Schedule page is the List view. The List view gives the User a broad view on the Interviews that were scheduled. Any future Interview that was scheduled across the organization will be visible here. Admin Users would also be able to view Interviews that were assigned to another User with the Access mode set to “private”, or to a Team they are not a part of.

The list is sorted by the Interview time, indicating the dates with the Interviews that were scheduled for that date. The times of the Interviews are displayed in the timezones that were used to schedule the Interviews.

The first colored line indicates the Candidate’s name, requisition, and meeting type, and the entire Interview schedule.

The lines that follow give information on each Session within the Interview – the Session’s topic, its schedule, Interviewers & Room that were scheduled for the Session, and whether they accepted, declined or haven’t responded to the invitation.
The different Interviews are color-coded by the Interview Type.

Clicking on an Interview will open its Final review stage, where you can Edit, Cancel, or Reschedule the Interview.

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