Reschedge: Impersonation in Exchange and Office 365

If the Exchange or Office 365 integration was set to dedicated mailbox & impersonation, the Exchange Admin within your organization needs to enable impersonation for that mailbox.

Impersonation allows the dedicated mailbox to create calendar events on behalf of users.

Before completing these steps, make sure you’ve already created a dedicated mailbox for Reschedge.

After setting up impersonation rights, Users can visit the Diagnostics section and confirm that all the tests pass.

Setting up impersonation in Office 365

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your Office 365 admin account
  2. Click on the 9-square menu button -> Security & Compliance

  1. In the new tab, choose Permissions in the left navigation menu, and click on “go to the Exchange admin center” blue link

  1. In the new window that opened, click on the ‘+’ sign to add a new role group:


A pop-up ‘new role group’ will open. 

Fill in the required fields:

NameEnter the name of the group, e.g. 'Reschedge'
RolesClick on the ‘+’ sign to open the Select a Role dialog box

Select ‘ApplicationImpersonation’* and click add, then select ‘ViewOnly-Configuration’** and click add. When you’re done, click OK.

*ApplicationImpersonation management role enables applications to impersonate users in an organization to perform tasks on behalf of the user.

**ViewOnly-Configuration management role enables administrators to view all the non-recipient Exchange configuration settings in an organization. Examples of configuration that are viewable are server configuration, transport configuration, database configuration, and organization-wide configuration.
MembersClick on the ‘+’ sign to open the Select Members dialog box

Select the Reschedge dedicated mailbox as the member of the role group. Click add and then OK

After completing these steps, your new role group should look like the following:

The final step is to click on ‘Save’ and your impersonation settings will be successfully configured.

Setting up impersonation in an on-premise Exchange server

Open the Exchange Management Shell and run: 

> New-ManagementRoleAssignment –User <Reschedge dedicated mailbox> –Role ApplicationImpersonation 

NoteGranting the impersonation role requires account customizations to be enabled. If you get an error that you must enable account customizations, simply run: 

> Enable-OrganizationCustomization 

NoteIf this command fails with “…operation is not available…” then customization is already enabled.

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