Reschedge: Greenhouse integration

Reschedge integration with Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows Users to initiate scheduling with Reschedge from within Greenhouse. The integration pre-populates Reschedge fields with data from Greenhouse, and exports the results back to Greenhouse, harnessing the full power of the Reschedge engine to find the best possible scheduling options for your Interviews. 

Enabling the integration

 To integrate Reschedge with Greenhouse, go to your Greenhouse account -> Integrations -> Scroll down to find Reschedge -> Click on Connect -> Turn on.

NoteYou must have an active Reschedge account for the integration to work.

Using Reschedge from Greenhouse

The integration adds a Reschedge button in your candidates’ pages. The button is visible in the interview plan, next to each interview that requires scheduling.

 You can click on any of the Reschedge buttons, and Reschedge Interview scheduling process will be opened in a new tab. Reschedge imports the Interview design from Greenhouse, and pre-populated the different fields, eliminating the need to enter information twice.

 You can enter the Interviewers and Location settings for each of the Sessions, change the duration, and set Order & Start Time. The Topic of each session is fixed with the data imported from Greenhouse. You can choose to remove Sessions, but you cannot add new Sessions. 

You can also create Templates, or load an existing Template, with existing designs. Read more about the design interview stage, and creating Templates

NoteYou can only load Templates that match the current Interview structure you’ve set in Greenhouse.

After you’ve clicked Next you will continue to the enter candidate information stage. The Candidate name and requisition fields will be pre-populated (the Requisition field will not be editable).

You can either enter the Candidate’s availability manually, or send the Candidate a link, requesting them to enter their availability. 

After you click Next, Reschedge will use all the information from the Interviewers' and Rooms’ calendars, the Candidate’s availability, and the Interview design, and will come up with a variety of Schedules that meet your criteria. Read more about the select schedule stage

Once you have found the Schedule that works best, click it to proceed to the Final review stage.

Here you control the calendar event that will be created and calendar invites that will be sent to your Interviewers. Reschedge pre-populates the specific notes to each Session with your Default interviewer invite email templates in Greenhouse. This includes the Candidate information, interview type, and a link to the interview kit and scorecard in Greenhouse. You can edit your template in Greenhouse to decide which information will appear here.

Once you’re done, click on the Sync with Greenhouse button to create calendar events and invite Interviewers, or on Save & Notify candidate to also send an email to the Candidate. The results will be exported back to Greenhouse, updating the Interview details for the Candidate.

NoteThe Interview date & time in Greenhouse will be updated according to the User’s timezone in Greenhouse. So, if the Interview was scheduled in Eastern Time in Reschedge, but you’re set to Pacific Time in Greenhouse, the interview time in Greenhouse will be updated to Pacific Time.

You can also make changes to an Interview that was already scheduled. Simply click again on the Reschedge button in Greenhouse, and the Interview’s last review screen will be opened. Here you can change the order of the Sessions, choose alternative Interviewers, reschedule the Interview or cancel it. Read more about rescheduling and cancelling Interviews

If a change was made to your interview structure in Greenhouse after an Interview was scheduled, you’ll have three options when trying to access it:

  • Keep the interview the way it was scheduled – Choosing this option won’t affect Reschedge behavior, and the last review screen will be opened. Saving any changes will only update sessions that match the new interview structure in Greenhouse.
  • Update the interview with the new structure – This will open the Design interview stage with the updated structure. Your existing information from the scheduled interview (such as the selected Interviewers and Candidate availability) will be pre-populated.
  • Cancel the interview and start over – This will remove the Interview in Reschedge, and will begin the interview scheduling process from the start. Note: The original interview details will still appear in Greenhouse, and will change only after you’ll schedule a new Interview.


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