Rescheduling and canceling Interviews in Reschedge

After an Interview was scheduled, there are still a few situations where a change needs to be made to the Interview:

  • Changing one (or more) Interviewers
  • Rescheduling the Interview or changing its design
  • Canceling the Interview altogether

These needs might rise from a number of reasons:

  • One (or more) Interviewers declined the Interview invitation
  • One (or more) of the interviewers is running late or canceled
  • The Candidate asked to reschedule or cancel

Reschedge allows you to easily edit the Interview after it was scheduled, at any given moment. To make any kind of change to the Interview, go to the Schedule tab in the main navigation bar, choose either the List view or the Calendar view, and click on the Interview you would like to edit. The Interview’s last review screen will be opened.

Changing an Interviewer

If one of your Interviewers declined the Interview invitation, or is running late, you might want to choose an alternative Interviewer. 


If an Interviewer declined the Interview invitation, the interviewer’s name will appear in the list view with a red strikethrough across it. You can also configure Reschedge to send you an email whenever an Interviewer declined an Interview invitation. Learn more on how to get notifications on declined Interview invitations.
To select an alternative Interviewer, simply click on the new Interviewer’s name. 
To choose an alternative Interviewer, in the last review screen, click on the name of the Interviewer you would like to change. A lightbox with the possible alternative Interviewers will open. Any busy Interviewers will be indicated with a red strikethrough across their name.

Alternative Interviewers will be pooled based on your settings in the design Interview stage - If multiple Interviewers were added as alternatives for that Session (having “or” between them) or when using Tags. 


You can then save the changes, or save and notify the Candidate of the change. 

Rescheduling the Interview

If you need to completely reschedule the Interview, or change its design, you can click on the Reschedule button on the bottom-left corner of the Interview review screen. 

 This will bring you back to the first design Interview stage, where you can start editing your current Interview settings. After completing the four-stage process and saving the changes, a new Invitation will be sent to your Interviewers. The old calendar events will be removed from the Interviewers’ calendars.

Canceling an Interview

If you need to cancel the Interview completely, you can click on the red Remove button, at the bottom-right corner of the review Interview screen.

After confirming the Interview cancellation, the old calendar events will be removed from the Interviewers’ calendars.

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