Filter Interviews in Reschedge

Users in Reschedge can filter Interviews on either the List view, Calendar view, or Pending interviews view. Using Filters will cause Reschedge to display only Interviews that match the Filters that were applied.

Filtering can be done by Assignee, Access level, Interview type, Requisition, or Candidate’s name. 

To create a filter, enter it at the Filter interviews textbox, next to the blue +Schedule Interview button. In this way, you simply need to type the Filter’s content, without the category. For example, if you want to filter by Access level: Private, simply type “Private”, and click on the relevant Filter that Reschedge suggests. 

You can apply more than one Filter at the same time. In this case the behavior will be as following:

  • For filters from the same category (e.g. two different Candidate names) Reschedge will display results that match the first Filter or the second Filter (“or”)
  • For filters from different categories (e.g. Access level and Requisition) Reschedge will display results that match both the first Filter and the second Filter together (“and”)

You can save your Filter by clicking on Save. Name your filter, choose whether to make the Filter your default Filter, and click Save again. If a Filter is chosen to be a default, it will be applied automatically when you open the Schedule tab, in all views.

To apply a saved Filter, click on the down arrow, next to the Filter Interviews textbox. A list of the saved Filters will open, and you can choose to apply one of the Filters by clicking on the requested Filter.

You can delete a saved Filter by hovering-over on the Filter and clicking on the small X to its right. By default, you will have a saved Assigned to me Filter, which cannot be deleted. You can clear your default Filter by clicking on Clear default filter. 

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