Adding and editing Users in Reschedge


This section is only visible to Reschedge Account Admins.

As a Reschedge Account Admin, you can add, edit or deactivate Users in your Reschedge account. 

Adding Users

To add a new User to your organization’s Reschedge account, click on your sign-in ID-> Manage Users and Teams. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, enter the User’s name, email address and choose the User type (Account Admin, Member or Non-scheduling User). Once you’ve entered all the details, click on the blue +Add user button.

After the User was added, a new pop up will open indicating that the action was successful. 

Please make sure to enter a valid email address, as Reschedge will not validate the email address prior to adding the new User. 


The User’s email address will be used as the User’s sign-in ID, and cannot be changed at a later stage.

After adding Users to Reschedge, they will receive an email from Reschedge, inviting them to join your organization’s Reschedge account

Editing and deleting Users

Once a User has been created, the User’s name and email address cannot be changed and the User cannot be deleted. Account Admins can however change the User’s role and activate/deactivate Users, blocking their access to Reschedge.

From the Manage Users and Teams screen, search for the User you would like to change, and choose a different role from the Role drop-down menu, or click on the User’s Status to activate/deactivate the User.


Editing Role & Status is done in-place. This means that Reschedge saves any changes you make automatically, without having to click Save.

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