Reschedge: Diagnostics


This section will only appear when connecting to Reschedge with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365

Two tests can be performed here:
In the Diagnostics area, found by clicking on your sign-in ID-> Diagnostics, you can test whether Reschedge can access your Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 account. 

  1. Get events
  2. Create, update and delete events, and Check attendee status.

You can choose to run an individual test, by clicking on the relevant Run individual test button, or perform both tests at the same time, by clicking on the blue Run all tests button.

Get events

This test will check the connection to your Exchange server, and will try to retrieve existing events from your calendar.

Create, update and delete events, and Check attendee status

This test will create a new event in your Exchange calendar, update it, check attendee status and immediately delete it.

If a test is successful, its status will be marked in green, be changed to Test passed, and indicate the time the test took.

If the test was unsuccessful, the status will change to Test failed. You will then be able to click on the blue troubleshoot link, to open our Exchange and Office 365 troubleshooting guide.

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